Meet the Team.

Alice, Ali and Richard.

We bake together on Tuesday mornings, and we often make the very popular buttery raspberry crumbles or  wheat free brownies which are made with masses of Belgian chocolate. Washing up gets rather sticky!

Alice is super organised and also produces beautiful art in her spare time, Ali always has fabulously trendy hair and fashion; she loves her chickens and looks after them really well; Richard is a super-knowledgeable Harry Potter fan!

Annie, Megan and Simon.

We have a lots of fun baking together on Fridays, and after baking we go on to do fun sports, crafts and games together. Simon tries to win, but us girls don't let him!

Annie and Megan are both skilled bakers. Megan is excelling in a catering course at Crawley College, and is a brilliant pianist and guitarist. Annie does beautiful sewing, makes amazing clay decorations, and, like Richard, is a Harry Potter expert. Simon enjoys Marvel films, drumming, running and karate. They all love dogs, drama, swimming and pizza in no particular order!

Dan, Billy and Emily.

We're the Monday morning crack team! We always crack on with great speed as well as great care and we share plenty of fun and jokes together. We often make 12 trays of brownies in one session!

Dan is very strong and works out every day. He loves to play music and is a fantastic DJ; he performs regularly at Blue Oasis club nights as DJ Dan. Billy is our tallest baker ( about 6ft 6in!); he is invariably cheerful, and loves his dog Maisie and Costa coffee! Emily loves being part of JubyLee Bakes, and is fantastic at weighing ingredients. She also loves drama, is brilliant at crafting and is an excellent swimmer.


Here is JubyLee herself! She was "born" at QEII Silver Jubilee School in Horsham and decoupaged with photos of all the children at the school that year.

Can you see Juby's crown and long eyelashes? She also has sparkly feet!

The school was opened by Her Majesty following her Silver Jubilee.

Nuala, Sophie and Grace.

We bake at JubyLee Bakes Kitchen on Thursday mornings. We have become great friends and we love to help each other.

We like to eat healthy foods as well as the occasional treat, and we are very "on trend" with our fashion!

Grace likes socialising, and making cakes ( especially Victoria sponge ). She plays guitar and drums and would like to become a famous musician!

Sophie also likes listening to music ( Big Time Rush is her favourite band). She enjoys eating out and spending time with family and JubyLee Bakes friends.

Nuala is currently taking a break from JubyLee Bakes.

Peter and Jeremy.

We bake at the kitchen on Wednesday afternoons.

We are great mates and we share a supported living cottage.

We enjoy lots of different activities including cooking and working at our allotment.

We are both ace on the climbing wall.

Peter is brilliant at kite flying and Jeremy is a fantastic skier!

Shelby and Alice Ruby.

We enjoy baking together on Tuesday afternoons. We are both quite skilled bakers so we sometimes experiment with new ideas.

Shelby makes delicious meals at her supported living house. Alice Ruby is familiar with several languages and is a superb artist and cake decorator. Her latest artistic venture is recycling old credit cards into strikingly patterned earrings.

Siobhain, Simon and Kate.

Siobhain, Simon and Kate are a formidable team on Monday afternoons. Sio's brownies and gingerbread people are legendary, Simon is ace at weighing and mixing and Kate is a truly gifted baker, excelling at every bake she makes - her mini Victoria sponges are spectacular!

Siobhain has numerous interests including football and boy bands, Simon and Kate are both gold medal swimmers and enjoy going to StageRight drama group. Kate sings beautifully.

The Trustees of JubyLee Bakes

(L-R, from top) Jane, Helen, Sue, Basia, Ann, Andy, Ellen - between them decades of experience in teaching, education regulation, counselling, professional cookery, aviation, management, logistics, and medicine, as well as making and eating bakes!

We are currently seeking another non-parent Trustee. Please contact us ( if you might be interested.

Some of our wonderful volunteer helpers

( L-R, from top) Jo, Cindy, Bob, Zara, Victoria, Steve, Simon, (middle) Tom , Ellie, Annalees, Julie, (lower)Viv, Sharon, Catherine, Grainne, Caroline, Claudia. They are volunteers, have other professions and numerous skills, and are all passionate about supporting younger team members to produce amazing bakes!

Please contact us ( if you would like to volunteer in some capacity.