Meet the Team.


My name is Billy. I'm always the tall one in photos!

I love my boxer dog Maisie.

I like Marvel films and DC films. Batman is my favourite.
I like going to the cinema and hanging out with my friends.

I enjoy dancing, especially at the Blue Oasis disco.

I like lots of different food and my favourite meal is anything with gammon.

I enjoy working at JubyLee Bakes and I don’t have a favourite bake as I like them all!


Hi I am Amy,

I love my family and my dog Fritz who is a Miniature Schnauzer.

I really enjoy cooking and love to help in the kitchen.

I am studying at Collyer's 3 days a week and go to The Butterfly Project with all my friends on Thursdays and Fridays.

I love all types of cakes!


Hi, I’m Simon and I like Marvel DC Heroes, Transformers and dinosaurs. I like to watch TV, go to the cinema, and I like to watch bad auditions on talent shows.

In my spare time I like to play the drums, teaching myself by listening to songs. There are so many songs that I like.
I also DJ.

I am a brown belt in karate and hope to get my black belt soon.

I love my three dogs - Poppy, Bertie and Scrumpie.

I’d like to do some great acting in the future, and my role at the bakery is to serve and bake. My favourite cake is chocolate!


Hi I’m Kate.

I love Sonic Heroes and Team Sonic is my favourite team.

I like diamonds and gold, and I like going on holiday to Florida.

I like doing drama and sports, I like Swimming, and I like husky dogs. My favourite cake is sponge cake!

James and Ali


My name is Siobhain.

I like TV of 24 hours of A and E, I like boy bands, I like going on holidays, I like going to the cinema.

I like football and I like going bowling. I like going to see shows. I like going to the museums. I like crazy golf. I like going out for dinner with my family. I like Kangaroos.

I like cooking and eating brownies.
(Editor's note: Sio's brownies are legendary!)


My name is Alice.

I like baking. I like Chelsea Football Club and drama and singing. 

I also love my two cats called Tabs and Chloe.

I used to go to Collyer's College in Horsham and I went there 3 days a week. Now I volunteer at QEII Silver Jubilee School.

I go to The Butterfly Project on Fridays every week. I hang out with my friends called James, Kate, Simon, Adam, Reece and Emma.

I like the Now That’s What I Call Music CD’s.


I'm Aaron! And I love Millionaire Shortbread!

I like to be tidy. I like playing WWE (wrestling games) on the PS4 with Simon.

I like trains and going for walks. I like going out in the evenings, getting dressed up and stuff and I like roast dinners and staying over at my Nan's.

( Aaron is currently busy as an office intern so he too makes guest appearances. It is always great to have his big smile brightening up our gatherings.)